Endangered Species Model

This is a custom version of the Manzer Au Naturel Archtop commissioned in 1990 by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. (For more details about Manzer Guitars in museums visit the Museum Page.)


After receiving this commission, I realized that whatever I produced would likely be scrutinized carefully by many people long into the future. I decided to create inlay images that would both speak to the notion of "au naturel" and also mark the moment in Canadian history when the guitar was constructed. And so, at each fret marker, I inlayed images of Canadian wildlife species (aspects of nature) that were on the endangered list when the instrument was built.

On this instrument you'll find inlayed images of the Dawson Caribou, Eastern Cougar, Bowhead Whale, Swift Fox, Whooping Crane, Burrowing Owl, Sea Otter and Ferruginous Falcon.


Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Copper, Bone, Paint