About Manzer Guitars

If you’ve never owned a handmade guitar, you are in for an acoustic treat. Talented (and famous) guitarists have said that playing a Manzer Guitar has inspired them to discover new musical vistas. A Manzer Guitar sounds good from the first chord and, like only the finest instruments, the sound actually improves as it opens up over time


There are over 30 models to choose from in various sizes and configurations: flattops, archtops, nylon string guitars and harp guitars.

While there are "standard" models there is really nothing "standard" about any Manzer Guitar. Each one is hand constructed by Linda, using only the finest materials available – spruce, cedar, rosewood, maple, ebony and mahogany – all matched to create the structural harmony and specific tonal qualities of a one-of-a-kind instrument. Careful attention goes into every detail to ensure outstanding sound – from the tuning of the tops before and after they are installed, to the use of split billets of wood whenever possible.


Aesthetic detailing possibilities are virtually limitless and include everything from sound hole rosettes of finest grade abalone to peghead inlays that are as elegant and as complex as you wish.

Beyond detailing, any Manzer Guitar can be customized further, incorporating your ideas, to create a completely unique instrument. Linda has worked with some clients to design instruments from the ground up (notably the "Pikasso" guitar, created with jazz great Pat Metheny). She is happy to discuss any project, no matter how ambitious.


Manzer Guitars are constructed in a climate-controlled environment to ensure that each instrument will easily withstand seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. These instruments are built to last more than a lifetime!